cost of bathroom renovation melbourne

Our Pricing

At North East Bathrooms we offer flexible and simple to understand payment plans. And we will respect your budget every step of the way.

Payment structure

Our payment structure is designed to be simple and convenient for you to assist with budgeting and planning. No upfront deposit is required, instead, a progress payment is made upon the completion of each of the four stages of your renovation.

While we have great confidence in our service and believe you will be thoroughly satisfied, we offer you the unconditional right to cancel the project at the completion of any stage, without penalty.

On acceptance of the quote, we will detail four 25% payments due as follows:

Stage One:

Upon completion of demolition work which includes removal of old fixtures, fittings, tiles, and so on.

Stage Two:

Conclusion of required construction, which may include rough-in of plumbing and electrical, carpentry, plastering and waterproofing.

Stage Three:

On completion of tiling

Stage Four:

At job completion which includes caulking and fit-off of all fixtures and fittings

We aim to be flexible and supportive. If your circumstances change, we can complete the stage we are on and return when you are ready.

Price Guide

A Guide to the cost of bathroom renovation melbourne

The total cost of your Melbourne renovation can vary dramatically and will depend on factors such as the size of the room, the complexity of the design and the quality of the materials and fixtures chosen. We strive to provide flexibility, transparency, and cost-saving opportunities throughout the construction process. With North East Bathrooms, we encourage you to explore various options giving you the freedom to choose what suits your preferences and budget.

You can purchase your own tiles, fittings, and fixtures from the outlets of your choice. Additionally, we have established relationships with trusted suppliers, allowing you to take advantage of our trade discounts when you buy from one of our recommended sources. We hope this is a useful guide to the cost of bathroom renovations Melbourne.

Basic Bathroom

Prices starting at
$ 14,000 - $18,000
  • A bathroom in this range would be smaller in size and have minimum fixtures. It may be ideal for an investment property, second bathroom or for someone looking to upgrade on a budget.

Deluxe Bathroom

Price range
$ 19,000 - $24,000
  • A Deluxe bathroom would be larger in size, with greater construction implications, and may have more amenities and higher quality fittings and fixtures.

Premium Bathroom

$ 25,000 +
  • A Premium bathroom would be a large bathroom, with increased design impact incorporating premium fixtures and fittings, such as custom vanities and cabinetry.
cost of bathroom renovation melbourne