Bathroom Waterproofing Melbourne

Protect Against Water Damage

Waterproofing is a critical element of a bathroom renovation. Water leaks can cause damage to the building structure, fixtures and finishes if it penetrates into the walls or floor. Without proper waterproofing, water can penetrate the substrate and cause mould and mildew, as well as damage to the framing and walls and cause potential health issues. Additionally, inadequate waterproofing can cause tiles or grout to deteriorate, flooring to warp and rot and paint to peel. In order to prevent these problems, we apply waterproofing to meet Australian Standards AS3740-2021 which helps create a barrier to protect the bathroom from water damage.


Which waterproofing is best for bathrooms?

Waterproofing is necessary to ensure the ongoing structural integrity of wet areas in a bathroom or other wet area and to minimise issues associated with mould, or other damage caused by swelling or cracking. It is important to use high-quality materials at all stages of the waterproofing process: primer, sealants, bandage, waterproofing membrane and final bathroom caulking silicone.

Waterproofing conducted by a qualified and experienced bathroom renovation team will ensure a lasting finish. Waterproofing is done to both floors and walls according to Australian standards and is best done by a licensed professional. It is essential to waterproof before tiling and installing shower bases and bathtubs.

What is the standard waterproofing for bathrooms in Australia?

The standards for waterproofing in Australia are set out under the regulations in AS 3740:2021. This standard for domestic use sets out the minimum specifications for the design and installation of waterproofing and the materials used. Waterproofing is a highly technical and essential element in quality and lasting bathroom renovations.

How much Does it cost to re-waterproof a shower?

Waterproofing costs depend on the size and complexity of the job. In general terms waterproofing costs approximately $40 per square metre. The total cost will generally start at about $650 but may be as much as $3000 to $4000. Re- waterproofing can be a more complex job as it is necessary to fix the underlying causes and structural damage before any other works can be attempted. A qualified waterproofer will be able to give you a quote and discuss the best approach to repairs.

bathroom waterproofing melbourne

Waterproofing Projects

Water Ingress

Water ingress via the mortar in the wall was causing efflorescence and damp on the inside of this garage. Once the brickwork was cleaned, the cracks and joins were sealed with appropriate flexible waterproof sealant before being primed. Ardex WPM310 РExternal Facade and Roof Membrane created an impenetrable barrier to prevent future moisture penetration. AS 4654 is applicable to Waterproofing Membranes for external above-ground use.

Internal Water Penetration

The inside of this factory wall was below the external ground level and was experiencing significant internal water penetration through the brickwork. Once excavated, the wall was mechanically cleaned and then prepared using Ardex WPM240. Ardex WPM3000x (a peel-and-stick bituminous sheet membrane) was then applied. Corflute, flashing, new stormwater and scoria back-fill round out this project.

Bathroom Waterproofing

Waterproofing your bathroom step by step.

Water Damage

Discover the damage caused by water without proper waterproofing.


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