When is it time to renovate your bathroom?

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Bathroom Renovation Melbourne: It’s Time for a Refresh

Did you know that the standard life expectancy of a bathroom spans between ten to 15 years? Being a frequently used area in our homes, your bathroom may exhibit signs of wear and tear that makes it appear rather dull and demand a renovation.

You should consider a bathroom renovation in Melbourne today for numerous compelling reasons. Let’s delve into the seven most common reasons our esteemed clients opt for a bathroom makeover.

To improve the functionality of the space

Bathrooms are living spaces – places where we start and finish our day. And they are often shared spaces so updates to ensure the flow of your bathroom meets everyone’s needs are important. Need more storage space? Need an additional hand basin for the morning routine? Need more natural light or just need more space in general? There’s always a more efficient layout, or answer to your bathroom dilemmas.

To improve the value of the home

Great bathrooms add financial value to your Melbourne home. Bathroom updates are an investment in what is most likely your greatest asset. And you get to enjoy them every day.

To meet the changing needs of your family or lifestyle

Perhaps the kids have grown up and left home, or you need a soaking tub when you’ve never had one before. Or the luxury and privacy of an ensuite bathroom is all you can think about. Or maybe a growing family means you need an extra bathroom for the kids. A bathroom renovation in Melbourne can cater to all these needs.

To update the look and feel for a more contemporary design

It’s okay not to like your bathroom or grow tired of it! Maybe you never had input into your existing bathroom design in the first place! Sometimes a change is necessary – design trends change, and there is no end to reality TV content to inspire us. Good design is timeless, and you can have a contemporary bathroom in Melbourne that outlasts the latest fad that pleases you.

To take advantage of the latest technology, energy efficiency and designs

Smart bathrooms, advances in materials and construction and even technology such as climate-controlled heating and cooling are all great reasons to update. Today’s bathrooms take advantage of carbon-neutral, sustainable materials, energy-efficient lighting and appliances and little luxuries such as underfloor heating. Bathroom renovations in Melbourne can incorporate all these advancements.

bathroom renovation melbourne

Leaks or issues with waterproofing and rot

Over time wet areas in bathrooms degrade, and leaks and issues with waterproofing can become apparent, sometimes even compromising the structural integrity of your Melbourne home. Although some waterproofing problems can be repaired, the cost can be significant, and many people decide to start over and do a complete bathroom renovation in Melbourne instead. It just makes financial and practical sense.

Cosmetic refresh

Sometimes a coat of paint and new tiles can re-energise a bathroom space. Our experience is that this provides short-term satisfaction, so consider investing ‘refresh’ money today in a full bathroom renovation in Melbourne that will serve you for many more years to come.

A new bathroom renovation in Melbourne will feel hygienic, be easier to clean and maintain and incorporate intelligent solutions for keeping it like new. And it will provide you and your family with years of enjoyment and service well beyond your initial investment.


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